Burnt Ash Hill

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About This Project

The house at 148 Burnt Ash Hill was built on the site of five garages. There had been several previously rejected planning applications on the site for more traditionally designed houses. The planners were keen to see a house that was the same height as the garages and in the same position which had the advantage of creating the space for a generous south facing garden.

It was also agreed that the view of the house from the adjacent flats should be positive and it was for this reason that the living roof was included. This has meant that when looking down at the building one’s eye is drawn to the various colours of the sedum plants.

We decided at design stage that the building should reflect the changes in current thinking in housing design and be more sustainable. The primary construction material is wood, using straightforward and sustainable assembly techniques. The main frame is constructed from structurally graded timber with heavily insulated walls. The main waterproofing is fixed to the outside of the plywood sheet with larch boarding on top which is untreated so that it develops a protective patina over time.

The house is also designed to be a light and airy, contemporary residence. We have allowed rooflights where possible, to augment the normal windows and the south elevation is virtually all glass which makes the living space very light. We have also introduced a pergola to minimise glare by breaking down the direct sunlight which also softens the appearance.



Homeowners, Lee, London