Dornden Drive

About This Project

Our client was injured in a road traffic accident, receiving severe brain injury resulting in impaired mobility. Her condition required that she could receive 24 hour care from a ‘live-in’ carer and her current accommodation was not suitable for appropriate modification.

Cowan Architects worked closely with the client’s specialist support team in preparing a brief for the project and the bungalow in Dornden Drive was chosen as it the level nature of the site, its access and immediate environs made it particularly suitable for a disabled person. The property occupied a large plot that was capable of accommodating the required extensions including a carer’s suite and hydrotherapy pool whilst also allowing the formation of an accessible garden, all of which were seen to be required for rehabilitation.

The proximity of a group of scotts pine trees resulted in a protection order which in turn necessitated the incorporation of specialised foundations and minimum-dig drive construction to be specified in order to secure Planning Permission.





Homeowners, Inclusive Design
Kent, Tunbridge Wells