Ifield Park Carehome

About This Project

Extension and Alterations to the existing Nursing Care facility, Woodroffe Benton House

Extension and Alterations to the existing Dementia Care facility, Ellwood Place

Creation of a new five-bed Respite Care facility within Ellwood Place

The demolition of redundant staff accommodation and construction of a new ten-bed EMI Care Facility

Cowan Architects has successfully designed and obtained planning approval for the redevelopment of Ifield Park Care Home to increase their existing services and create a new ten-bed EMI (Elderly Mentally Infirm) Care Facility on their campus.

The proposals include extension and alterations to two of the existing buildings on the site, Ellwood Place and Woodroffe Benton House, to improve and increase the care home’s Nursing Care and Dementia Care services as well as creating a new five-bed Respite Care facility for use by the wider community.

As part of these works the first floor of Ellwood Place will be converted into a five-bed Respite care facility offering temporary care for the wider community.  In addition to the first floor conversion, a large ground floor extension and remodelling of the internal layout will create five new bedrooms suites and improve six of the existing bedrooms for the Dementia Care service.  The proposed ground floor works will also incorporate a “loop” walk allowing dementia residents the opportunity to wander the corridors without encountering a dead-end.

The new ten-bed EMI facility, coined “Hope House”, has been designed to provide a state-of-the-art care facility for the care home’s most dependant residents.  Each bedroom has been designed with its own en-suite WC with a high specification shared Assisted Bathroom and Assisted Shower provided for use by all residents.



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