The Avenue

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About This Project

We gained planning permission on this sensitive river site in Richmond which was both in a conservation area and formed part of the St Margaret’s Trust. The original detached property was demolished to provide a pair of new, 5-bedroom, semi-detached family dwellings complete with home entertainment room, double-height conservatory with glass balcony, and an integrated audio/mood lighting system.

The design was conceived as a gateway to the conservation area, strategically located on the first corner between the River Thames and the St Margaret’s Trust boundary. In that respect, the materials chosen reflect those which are characteristic of the area, having a more formal approach to the design of the street façade.

The rear elevation, complete with large expanses of glazing and terrace to the upper floor, has been designed in a more contemporary style to engage views towards the river.

A main feature of the interior to link the 4-storey dwelling was a stainless steel spiral staircase with walnut treads.



Homeowners, Surrey, Twickenham