Tottenham High Road

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About This Project

The site was located on the A10 Tottenham High Road.  This important transportation corridor is a focus for local shopping, predominantly to the north.  Larger scale, single-use premises and community buildings occupy sites to the south, their setting reflected in a more generous street width culminating in the one-way system opposite the Town Hall at Seven Sisters.

We proposed a mixed-use development where Block A, which runs parallel to the High Road, accommodates potential commercial units at ground floor level with residential use above.  We considered the scale, massing and specification of materials to reflect the rhythm and pattern of the adjacent premises.  A corner feature provides a distinctive landmark at the junction of the High Road and Drapers Road.  This has been introduced to act as a similar device to the existing twin towers providing a focal point to mark the entrance to the proposed commercial space.

The design steps down to the former Palace Theatre and is also inset revealing detail to the adjacent boundary wall.  Pedestrian and vehicular parking access defines block A from residential blocks B and C, which is separated by a retaining wall,  which provides a device to reconcile the rise in street level along Drapers Road.

A private secure landscaped courtyard offers a common focal point and amenity space for the residential units.

Common materials for blocks A, B and C were specified to promote a family of buildings across the site.  The level of detail for Block A reflects its proximity to adjacent buildings and the High Road.  In particular the balconies act as a device to breakdown the linear elevation and to screen individual amenity spaces to the adjacent High Road.  There are 55 apartments and 4 commercial units.




£4.4 million

Master Planning, Residential
London, Residential, Tottenham