The future of the construction industry is digital, and Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the future of design.

The construction industry is being revolutionised as digital technologies and new working practices change the way spaces and places are designed, built and maintained. Through BIM, the (UK) construction industry is undergoing its very own digital revolution.

BIM Building Lifecycle

Digital construction

Over the past few years this revolution has focussed on Building Information Modelling or BIM for short. BIM is a process with intelligent, 3D models at its heart. BIM brings together all of the information about every component of a building, in one place.

Digital construction isn’t just a new way of seeing how things look via a 3D model, it’s a way of collaborating and co-ordinating data from a range of sources, to allow for better informed decision making, much earlier than would be the case using more traditional tools and techniques.

The design phase of a project is one of the areas where the greatest reductions in wasted effort and re-work can be made with BIM. From initial concept sketches based on client’s briefings to technical decision-making and product selection, design can be made easier. As the needs of the client are confirmed at the start of the process, the design can focus in on these, to provide the best possible outcomes.

information and understanding

BIM is linked to real, tangible benefits for all involved, whether financial through cost savings, productivity through efficient processes or re-use of intelligent, accurate data. BIM also provides value to the client, making the job of designing, constructing and maintaining a building as efficient as possible.

The BIM process is a bespoke process, it strives to provide a digital handover package containing a set of pre-agreed information. Key decision points in the project are identified and it is determined what information is needed to support these points, to ensure the clients have all necessary information and understanding to make informed decisions and also that these decisions are taken on time.

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