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Education and Sport are an important part of everyone’s life

We are skilled at understanding our client’s requirements and turning these into reality.

Millfield School Design and Access Statement

Our team have delivered nearly 100 educational facilities of all sizes and types over the last twenty years, including currently working with Paragon Structures developing a series of centres for sporting excellence, that will be delivered across a number of Higher Education, Further Education and School campuses.

We have worked on a number of education projects, either directly for clients, such as the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy; with Project Managers such as Capita Symonds; and with contractors such as Durtnell’s at Bedales School, Hampshire.

Cowan Architects have an extensively qualified and experienced team within the Education Sector and are accredited as RIBA Client Design Advisor’s for Education and Educational Master Planning.

Our team regularly participate in Education Events, both speaking and attending; as well as having been involved in a number of the recent Government Education Initiatives including Building Schools for the Future (BSF), Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP), Skills Funding Agency (SfA) and Learning Skills Council (LSC).

The team also work as School and Community Governors, helping to share this knowledge more widely.

Bedales School
Sports and Leisure Design

Sports and Leisure Design

We have vast experience across the sports and leisure sector, which gives us an unrivalled understanding of the operational needs and standards that have a direct impact on the design of sports facilities; we are design advisors for the RIBA and provide technical design for Paragon Structures. We are currently playing a pivotal role in the development of a new original concept for a series of new Health Education Centres, designed to be developed nationwide over the next 5 years.

We have worked on both internal arenas and centres, as well as external projects relating to football, rugby, basketball, cricket, tennis, climbing, fitness gyms and golf. Our continuing aim is to set new standards for sport, leisure and swimming pool facilities; whilst being passionately aware that rising health issues and loneliness creates some of the biggest challenges facing the sport and leisure industry.

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