Residential Development

Residential Development

We have designed and delivered a large number of master planning led residential and residential developments of all types and sizes.

Phoenix House Architectural CGI


We are skilled at understanding our client’s requirements and turning these into reality. Our team work directly with clients and land owners creating master plans for both residential and mixed-use schemes. These vary from a few units to hundreds, both in rural settings in mid-Sussex and urban settings within the London Borough of Barking.

Cowan Architects have an extensively qualified and experienced team within this sector, advising and working with other partner organisations such as land agents, planning consultants or direct from residential provider frameworks.

Residential Developer Projects

Our team have extensive experience of developer led residential projects of all sizes and types, either directly for clients, such as Phoenix House and London Road; with developer organisations such as Hemel Hempstead; land agents such as Samson; and direct delivery with contractors.

We regularly participate in residential events, both speaking and attending; as well as advising or working with land agents, planning consultants and project managers.


We bring our private sector experience to our other RP projects, such as direct for Housing Associations, Assisted Living providers, Private Sector Housing Associations, Rented Sector (PRS) and key worker residential with public sector clients, for example with hospital clients.

We are extensively qualified and experienced within this sector, participating in residential events, community involvement and planning committee workshops.


We also regularly work with contractors and housing associations to deliver residential proposals, that have previously received planning permission by other architects or don’t require planning as a prior approval. These usually have a quick turn around and require technical know-how that actually works, which may involve speculative reviews of the previous works, often leading to additional units and / or more build-able developments.

Denbigh Street Residential Project

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