Swimming and Therapy Pools

Swimming Pool, Spa, Therapy & Wellness Design

We work with a consortium of partners, to design and deliver pools of all sizes and types to deliver swimming, training, relaxation or therapy. These range including educational or community pools, unique luxury commercial pools and private residential projects.

Our full design team oversee the concept, planning and implementation of the design during the construction phase, providing meticulous control over construction costs and attention to detail. Whether the pool is for education, recreation, family, or sport we will guide you through the process of construction from concept to completion.

Artists impression of Paragon Sprung Swimming Pool

Swimming & Leisure Centres

Working with Swim England, Paragon Structures and Synergy, we have designed a bespoke, energy efficient design that replaces an entire aging leisure centre with a new highly energy efficient building, which is cost effective, aesthetically striking and deliverable in less than 40 weeks. See more information in the Swim England Case Study. 

Our team have delivered a large number of facilities of all sizes and types over the last twenty years, including training swimming pools, educational / community pools, therapy pools, spa pools and luxury commercial pools.

We have designed these swimming centres both for private clients, as well as public access pools for Swim England and Water Babies.

We create safe, fun and
functional swimming environments

Cowan Architects have an extensively qualified and experienced team within the Sports Sector and are working currently with Swim England, Sports England and Paragon Structures.

We are also accredited as RIBA Client Design Advisor’s for Education and Sport.

Cowan Architects work with a number of key partners in this sector including Paragon Structures, Mrytha Pools and FT Leisure.




Therapy Pools

We have worked on a number of projects, either directly for clients, such as Swim England, Water Babies and the Garwood Foundation; with Project Managers such as LXA, Synergy and Oander; and directly for contractors.

Our therapy pools are provided for all levels of disability, to enhance the users quality of life and help them to adapt. In connection with these pools we are currently delivering a PassivHaus private therapy pool.