Cowan Architects Manage Planning and Re-Cladding Design of 17 Storey Ipswich Tower

Cowan Architects has won planning for our tallest building yet. The re-cladding of the 17 storey tower in Ipswich is now underway.

In light of the Grenfell disaster, many high-rise buildings have been re-evaluating fire safety and St Francis Tower, a 1960s residential development in the centre of Ipswich, in one such example.

The existing over-cladding and insulation was found to be a fire risk and has been partially removed. Internally, sprinklers and improved fire alarms have been fitted.

We have been appointed to design a replacement over-cladding scheme, based on A1 fire-rated materials including mineral wool insulation, a silicone render finish and replacement AOVs and fenestration.

The design proposals are intended to reinforce the vertical features of the façade and create some contrast by using white for structural elements and grey shades for infill areas. These colours will connect the tower visually with the flint and stonework of the nearby St Nicholas Church.

Posted By:
Mark Elton
Published On: October 7th, 2019<