Cowan Architects Offer Property Finding Service for Disabled Clients

“Can you help? We’re really struggling to find a house that can meet my needs…”

This is a question Cowan Architects often get asked by our clients and their team and our response is

“Yes, where do you want to live?”

Cowan Architects offer property finder services and suitability reports for clients with a wide range of abilities and their families.

As Architects who specialise in accessible and inclusive design, we are trained to see past the existing bricks and mortar to see the potential of spaces and buildings. Our ‘x-ray glasses’ allow us to see past the ‘what is’ and imagine the ‘what could be’, often unlocking the potential of properties that have been previously dismissed or overlooked.

We work throughout the UK helping disabled clients and their families find new homes and adapting them to meet their specific needs. With a personal and tailored approach for the individual, the aim is always to allow them to live where they want and in a home that looks and feels like a home.

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Cowan Architects
Published On: May 14th, 2022