Cowan Architects Presents Paragon Sprung’s Innovative Technology at Education Estates Conference, Manchester, 15 – 16 October, 2019

Cowan Architects’ Director of Architecture, Nigel Marcoolyn, will be presenting on the Colleges & Universities Stage on Day 2 of the Education Estates Conference in Manchester next week. This is described as the UK’s largest education spaces and environments event.

Nigel will be outlining the benefits and advantages of the unique Paragon Sprung structure for Sports Estates which offers controlled natural light, along with improved air-tightness and thermal properties. This gives the benefit of reduced running costs (for lighting and heating), as well as lower capital costs.

With research overwhelmingly showing that young people who participate regularly in sport have considerably improved well-being and mental health, universities and colleges need to ensure that their Sports Estates are attractive facilities.