Cowan’ Mark Elton Contributes to Fuel Poverty Action’s ‘Making Green Come True’ Conference

Cowan’s retrofit specialist architect, Mark Elton, will be contributing to a break-out session on December 5th 2020 for Fuel Poverty Action’s ‘Making Green Come True’ conference.

As we near the end of the era of gas heating and the end of a stable climate, there is a need to find sustainable ways to keep our homes warm. Yet the organisers of the conference say that ‘the ‘greening’ of both housing and heating systems has been dominated by private interests which take huge risks at the expense of others – as was disastrously proved at Grenfell Tower.’

Mark will be providing expertise on ‘deep’ retrofit practices including EnerPHit, the most stringent and integrated standards available internationally for energy efficient retrofits, with particular reference to tall buildings and to fire safety.

This event is meant to inform and is designed primarily for residents, organisers and workers but politicians and policymakers are also warmly invited to listen and take part.

The organisers are expecting a mixture of experts to attend including tenants who are fighting to get insulation installed, people with personal experience of disastrous retrofits and climate and housing campaigners. There will also be people in the industry such as architects, energy efficiency experts, people who’ve experienced retrofit work, Tenants and Residents Associations, pensioners, housing and climate organisers, building safety experts, researchers and trade unionists.

A second ’Making Green Come True’ event is planned for the new year and will focus on heating systems such as ‘District Heating’, heat pumps and solar panels.