The annual Cowan Trophy for the Young Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Conor Crozier, 17 years, at the Riding for the Disabled’s Regional Conference last week by Phillip Mumford, Managing Director of Cowan Architects.

“In my view, Conor embodies the true qualities and values of a volunteer, giving his time selflessly and consistently to the benefit of others who rely on his help” says Phillip Mumford, Managing Director of Cowan Architects. “He sets and excellent example to us all at an age where there are so many other distractions and demands on his time. He is a worthy winner of the Cowan Trophy”.

Conor started volunteering at Hope in the Valley RDA Group, Plumpton, as a D of E student, and soon became a much valued member of the team and stayed on. As his Group’s Chair, Lesley Morrill says “He is a popular young man both with the riders (as he can run) and the older volunteers (because he can run!)”. Conor works tirelessly every week and the team has been ‘particularly impressed by his patience and sensitivity whilst helping teenagers (both boys and girls) to cope with being a teenager”.

A parent says of Conor “he has the understanding and maturity of a much older person, whilst still being on the same wavelength socially and emotionally. Conor takes a holistic approach, encouraging my son and praising him, to enable him to reach his potential. This is an amazing skill for someone so young, and Conor is always happy, always positive, but never condescending. This is what RDA is all about. It’s not just an hour a week in a riding school, it’s about improving quality of life, sharing something you love with someone who understands this. As a parent, I couldn’t ask for more.”


Posted By:
Joanna Sale