New Healthcare Architect

New Healthcare Architect

Cowan Architects has appointed Emma Smyth to its team of healthcare architects.

Emma has already an extensive background in the field, with experience across London and the South East that varies from new build hospitals and specialist units through to care homes and mental health facilities.

She has undertaken RIBA Stage 0 feasibility reports, assisted Trusts to secure funding for projects and produced numerous outline and technical design proposals. She has a thorough working knowledge of legislative documentation and works with clinical teams and stakeholder groups to create health facilities which perform well and add value to the overall hospital estate.

“Emma impressed us with her passion for the healthcare industry where she’s committed to improving the patient experience and contributing to patient recovery in an unseen way,”

says Managing Director, Phillip Mumford.

She has developed expertise in the provisions for general and specialist theatres and a variety of hospital departments including neonatal, imaging and mortuaries.

“I have a particular interest in how the condition and aesthetics of a space can impact on the people in it, and how it impacts on the quality of their treatment and recovery,”

Emma says.