New Mini WashPod Designed for Smaller Spaces

Architectural Sketch of Mini WashPod

New Mini WashPod Designed for Smaller Spaces

The Mini WashPod temporary disabled bathroom has recently been designed as an alternative internal model that will suit more people with smaller spaces. It is still wheelchair accessible and can include hoist options but it is presented in a more compact design with dimensions of 2.7m long x 2.6m wide x 2.3m high.

If access to the bathroom is now impossible, WashPod is the perfect shorter-term solution saving the option of prolonged hospital care or an early move to an expensive care home and the mini WashPod additional internal option will open up more possibilities.

“The WashPod provides a temporary, accessible wet room in a ‘self-contained fully accessible plumbed in box’, says Lewis Gopsill, General Manager of manufacturer Dignity Access Ltd. “WashPods are either positioned externally in the garden or erected within an existing, reception or dining room that can be made available for the purpose”.

“The applications are numerous from Housing Associations and Local Authorities who may wish to buy them and lease them out to residents as needed, or hospitals during building works, commercial enterprises wishing to provide accessible washrooms and private individuals who simply wish to stay at home” says Lewis.

The WashPod is fully fitted to comply with part M of the building regulations and has been designed by architects who specialise in the designing for disability and endorsed by occupational therapists and case managers.