Cowan Director in Retrofit Game Changers Webinar

Picture of poster showing Mark Elton

Cowan Director in Retrofit Game Changers Webinar

On Tuesday, 18 August at 1pm, Cowan Architect’s Associate Director, Mark Elton, will be part of a prestigious panel on a futurebuildNOW webinar discussing Retrofit Game Changers: Products & Technologies that Rock the World of Retrofit Specifiers. Within a day of launching the event, there were hundreds of subscribers, so don’t miss out and register now.

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In October, the government will start to invest £2billion into domestic retrofit in just 6 months – the first public investment of note into retrofit in years and the start of a national retrofit project that will last thirty years.

But use the wrong solution on the wrong property at the wrong time and retrofit can go badly wrong. Get retrofit right and the benefits are huge.

The panelists in this webinar (which will include Q&As) will be examining what existing products and technologies get the thumbs up from leading retrofit architects and what pieces of the retrofit jigsaw are still needed.