81 Commercial Way

81 Commercial Way, Woking, comprises the comprehensive redevelopment of a key site in Woking, Surrey for Cortland. The design is a mixed-use development incorporating managed residential BTR (Build to Rent) and commercial uses.

The scheme provides 310 new rented homes (BTR) all of which will be professionally operated and managed by Cortland.

In addition, the scheme provides new commercial accommodation suitable for co-working/incubator employment space designed to suit Woking’s emerging Tech and Arts economy.

The scheme marks a key intersection on a north-south (heritage) / east-west (commercial) axis which bisects the north part of the Town Centre, immediately adjacent to Christ Church – (Woking’s key heritage asset) and within proximity of the Jubilee Square – Woking’s principle retail centre.

The proposal takes the form of an elegant ground plus 39 storeys tall building which acts as an orientational marker for the town centre – visually transferring the east/west orientation of the church on to Woking’s skyline. A relationship that is further celebrated by the creation of a new setting for Christ Church with the introduction of a generous expanse of the public realm – providing the town centre with a new contemplative counterpoint to the commercial hustle and bustle of Jubilee Square


Woking, Surrey