Property search & suitability reports

Why Cowan Architects?

With 35 years’ experience in designing inclusive environments, Cowan Architects has built a strong reputation both locally and nationally for our sensitive and client focused approach.

Finding a Suitable Property

The questions associated with purchasing a property for future use by a disabled person can be quite complex. Is the property suitable? How can it be adapted to suit the Client’s disability needs? What are the likely costs of the adaptations?

Our team is able to provide answers and solutions with the primary aim of finding a property that can meet our client’s needs. We believe that understanding the individual’s disability requirements from an accommodation perspective is key to providing a home tailored to our Client’s and their family’s specific needs.

Disabled access specialists
Accommodation Report

Our Report

We regularly provide housing research and suitability reports as part of our Expert Witness work and are regularly instructed by Homeowners, Court appointed Deputy’s, Solicitors and Case Managers.

Our reports are specific and include:

  • A description of our understanding of the Client’s disability
  • Space requirements of the Client and their family or care team
  • A detailed schedule of accommodation requirements
  • Details of location parameters
  • A detailed description of how each property considered may be adapted to suit the Client’s needs
  • Preliminary adaptation costs
  • Property comparison schedule.

We also provide reports for pre-settlement properties whether rental or purchased.