Cowan Architects are a multi-sectored influential Architectural Design Practice, employing the best Architects, Designers and Technologists to deliver creative and energy efficient buildings and spaces.  We use the very latest BIM authoring and specification software.  We are an RIBA Chartered Practice with in-house Bond Solon accredited Expert Witness Architects specialising in building defects and accessibility needs.  Our professional training and accreditations also include BIM Coordination, Passivhaus design and ISO 9001 and 14001

Cowan Architects Services Sectors Wheel

We follow the RIBA Plan of Work (Stages 0-7) developing clients strategic brief, design concepts and prepare documentation for planning, building control and construction.  We are Lead Consultants, Contract Administrators and Principal Designers.  Our service is holistic, design-led, technically exemplary, committed and tailored to suit your specific project needs, including procurement advice.

We are passionate about the Circular Economy and provide metrics and insights for our clients so they can understand their carbon impact, energy consumption, performance, and ESG goals. Cowan Architects are committed to a Net Zero future. We support our clients on BREEAM, Passivhaus, EnerPHit Passivhaus and Retrofit low energy predicated projects where data analysis and future project outcomes are critical to be understood very early on.

We are progressive, genuine, environmentally conscious and provide design flair, thoroughness, pragmatism and inclusivity across every aspect of our work.  Our architecture engages with multiple sectors including, low energy new and retrofit buildings, cladding remediation, residential including Passivhaus, healthcare and inclusive design.

Our designs are founded upon a wealth of collective insight and experience, producing buildings that respond to their brief and environmental context, whilst demonstrating a uniqueness, comfort and quality to provide value to their owners and users. We wish to create a richer and memorable design experience which engages with the senses and inspires the current generation and those to come.