Bedford Park

Bedford Park apartments form part of ‘Miflats’ – a unique brand that we developed with Criterion Capital. The Miflats brand is currently being applied to more than 3,000 homes in and around London.

The original pre-development office block had received a number of design awards – our approach exceeded these standards.

This particular development is a conversion of an eight-storey office building and basement into 82 private rental residential units. We were involved from the feasibility stage through to planning, employer’s requirements and transfer to the main contractor.

The apartments are classical and contemporary open plan units where the loss of floor area to circulation is minimised in favour of maximised usable floor. Individual flats are organised into zones based on levels of privacy and services.

The existing building presented other technical challenges in conversion. Considerable effort was required to achieve standardised key areas such as utility rooms and bathrooms, and to a lesser extent, the kitchens.

Servicing was also a significant challenge where drainage stacked vertically between units but had to be brought out of the building at the soffit of the ground level as the ground floor – on account of structural deficiencies – could not receive additional penetrations.

Criterion Capital

Croydon, London