Brookworth Homes Masterplan

Cowan Architects have been appointed to undertake RIBA Stages 1 – 3 design works for Queen Victoria Hospital (NHS), developing an area of ancient woodland in ownership of and adjacent to the hospital which is an allocated site for future residential use within the Mid-Sussex District Council Local Plan. Scope includes the design development of new house type units and apartment blocks as well as a masterplan strategy. Total of 30 units.

The development of the masterplan required consideration of many factors. Including taking into consideration a buffer zone to the surrounding ancient woodland, retaining Category A trees within the site and an existing emergency access point which needed to be retained.

Multiple previous planning applications have been refused on the site due to overdevelopment and a poor approach to arboriculture. Subsequently the Local Authority revised the site allocation, imposing a maximum number of units to restrict the nature of any potential future applications. Following a period of community engagement, surveys and Pre-Application advice- planners were supportive in the progression to RIBA Stage 3, to progress towards the submission of a full planning application.

QVH & Brookworth Homes

East Grinstead, West Sussex