Calamansac Sail Loft

About This Project

Calamansac Sail Loft, near Port Navas, Cornwall, is an innovative property providing accessible holiday accommodation for guests of any ability.

Designed by Cowan Architects Ltd, the property has undergone extensive remodelling and extension to transform the layout and appearance whilst taking full advantage of the delightful setting.

Accessed via a bridge from the raised approach to the 1st floor, the building uses locally sourced sweet chestnut cladding with a slate roof to create a clean, simple and unassuming appearance that fits unobtrusively into the scenic environment. The interior design, in collaboration with Fran Keene Design, takes cues from a contemporary Scandinavian influence, using the warmth of timber floors set against a neutral warm-white background with colour inserted through the fixtures, furniture and furnishings.

The underlying ethos of the project was to create a design that provides an inclusive environment to appeal to all guests regardless of ability. The initial impression of the property is one of a modern design and spacious interior with all the modern conveniences, plus a stunning terrace to maximise the enjoyment of the views over the Helford River. What is not immediately apparent are the subtle touches and design decisions that provide accessible accommodation for guests with disabilities – and this is entirely intentional.

Working closely with the client and design team, Cowan Architect’s aim for the project was to create a building that didn’t choose between design or accessibility but instead incorporated accessibility into the very ethos of the design – after all there is no reason why inclusive design should be a compromise!

The property now includes level roll-over thresholds at all external doors, a platform lift to assist guests with mobility challenges, a wheelchair accessible kitchen, an accessible WC and an accessible main bedroom suite and en-suite bathroom. All of this is achieved whilst maintaining an aesthetic and design that would appeal to any guest. The modern kitchen, by Design Matters, provides a spacious working area for all guests and includes features such as a drawer dishwasher to make loading easier for wheelchair users. The accessible bathroom and shower room, by Motionspot, provide a modern design incorporating features such as shower seat, designer grab rails and wheelchair accessible shower area.



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