Creekside Education Trust

An Education in Sustainability

The Creekside Centre was created to provide a base to teach children about the environment and habitat of Deptford Creek which, until recently, had been a rundown industrial area frequented by the more transient industries. The education building comprises a classroom, meeting room, office, toilets and store for waders used in the creek.

The timber-framed building is cedar clad with high levels of natural sheep’s wool insulation and built from sustainable materials. The building is orientated to use solar gain and encourage passive ventilation. Rainwater from the roof is collected by the pond.  Grey water is re-used within the Centre for flushing toilets and cleaning waders.  A combined heat and power gas generator runs an underfloor heating system and produces electricity, while passive sensors reduce artificial lighting costs.

The ecological ‘brown roof’ is made of recycled crushed brick and concrete which merges with the surrounding landscape but will eventually be colonised by local indigenous plant life to provide a habitat for local wildlife, specifically nesting for the Redstart.

The building is already proving to be extremely popular with the local community.