Townhouse Farm Cottage

A bespoke home that is sympathetic to the setting of the Conservation Area and enhances the transition between the village and open countryside. Being set away from Townhouse, it is felt that the design for this plot should stand on its own merits and create a property that will provide a positive contribution to its setting. The property is designed with a central ‘hall’ element and a lower single-storey wing to the east. It will be built using local palette of materials that will complement neighbouring buildings and age well in to the landscape.

Careful consideration has been given to how both properties will appear when viewed from footpaths and public areas to the south that run around the reservoir. The intention is that, whilst slightly taller, the new dwelling on the barns site will be smaller than the current barns and more in keeping with the locality. Similarly the new property on the site of the cottages has been positioned to appear comparative to the current building.

Private Client

Ardingly, West Sussex



Lead Consultant