Brendan Geraghty Cowan Architects

Brendan Geraghty

Non-Executive Director | Architect

BA (Hons) Architecture
Dip. Professional Practice
ARB Registered Architect

Brendan is an RIBA Chartered Architect/Design and Development Strategist with multiple sector experience and sixteen years in senior project and business roles. Specialising in the residential sector, active in the Build to Rent (BTR) market since 2011 and recognised as a BTR thought leader. He demonstrates a unique ability to combine deep generalist and broad specialist knowledge, creating structured development and consumer centric BTR strategies integrating the principles of consumer culture with investment requirements. He defines customer experience, architecture, construction and operation of BTR developments and targets a minimum 5% improvement on ROI.

Key Experience:

  • The role of the customer and service culture to drive value in residential development ‐ The use of consumer data and trends to guide the creation of new residential products and services
  • Advocate for Offsite Technologies (MMC) ‐ Designing and delivering healthcare, education and residential buildings using offsite technologies e.g. a bespoke BTR residential volumetric module for Cortland & Partners. Judge In Offsite Awards
  • Business Strategy ‐ Identifying new markets preparing business plans for market penetration and positioning e.g the use of BIM technology in advance of most competitors
  • Best Practice ‐ Responsible for delivery of all content for the UKAA BTR Best Practice Guide